Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas for You and Your Loved One

Valentine gift ideas are all around us from mid-January to mid-February and it’s difficult to ignore February 14th: Valentine’s day. If you’re feeling uninspired or rushed for time, there is always the ‘box of chocolate and flower’ option but your valentine would probably enjoy something a little more original from time to time.

Here are a few romantic valentine ideas for you to ponder:

  • Get a large bag of Hershey’s kisses and remove all the strips of paper from each chocolate. Place the chocolates in a nice box for gift No. 1. Place all the strips of Hershey’s kisses paper in a small decorative box and give it to your valentine as gift No. 2. Tell your valentine that each strip of paper is worth a kiss and is redeemable at any time.
heart-shaped chocolate boxes are tasty romantic valentine gift ideas
  • Stay away from the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s day and book the honeymoon suite at a local hotel and get room service instead (if you’re not too busy…)
  • Send a singing telegram instead of a Valentine’s card and choose your valentine’s favorite love song.
  • If you can, take the day off and spend the whole day together. Choose romantic activities to occupy your time: breakfast in bed, walk in the park if the weather is nice, watch a romantic movie, cuddle in front of the fireplace, etc.
  • Get a dozen cute valentine cards and place them in the glove compartment. Go for a romantic drive together and arrange for your Valentine to look through the glove box.
  • Place a single piece of chocolate on your valentine’s pillow every night from February 7th to February 21st.

The best valentine gift is often a unique gift that has special meaning for you and your partner.

Unique Romantic Valentine Gifts

You can still buy chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s day but make it original and unique by giving it a special twist.

For example, you can buy one of these valentine gift ideas: an exotic plant like an orchid, a bonsai tree or her favorite fresh flowers instead of getting roses. Rather than buying chocolates in a heart-shaped box, have a romantic chocolate fondue for two in front of a fireplace.

Have fun, be original and come up with your own original and unique romantic valentine gift ideas. For example, pick a beautiful small notebook and use your best hand-writing to include one love quote on each page. Here is a good selection of love and relationship quotes.

Valentine Gifts Can Also Be Romantic Gestures

Although society forces the valentine gift exchange upon us, you and your partner can agree to avoid the commercial aspect of Valentine’s day by choosing romantic gestures instead of romantic gifts. But make sure to approach the subject really early, before your partner starts to plan your gift.

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