Romantic Wedding Cakes

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I’m not married (…yet) but I often dream of romantic wedding cakes. I love cake, especially vanilla, lemon or coconut-flavored cake.

Wedding cakes have always amazed me. So much work and intricate details can go into the creation of these tiered decadent desserts…

Wouldn’t sharing a delicious and gorgeous romantic wedding cake with your family and friends be a wonderful memory to include in your wedding album?

wedding cakes

I’m not a baker. In fact, I’m one of those “never measure, go by gut” when it comes to following a recipe… which is the perfect way to ruin any baking project.

When I get married, I’m hiring a professional baker to create a splendid wedding cake for me and my man. In fact, I may spend more on the cake then I will on my wedding dress…

…So if you’re already with the right guy and ready to get married, here are my thoughts on what constitutes the perfect cake for a romantic wedding.

Ideas for a Romantic & Beautiful Wedding Cake

I want icing that is sweet, but not too sweet.

I want decorations that are edible yet so pretty people hesitate before eating them.

I want a classic flavor that is rich but not overwhelming. French vanilla, pistachio, pecan, coconut, lemon… I would love to sample a combination of vanilla cake with a light pistachio or pecan icing…

I want at least 3 tiers, possibly more (I guess that will depend on the number of guests).

I’d be OK with almost any colors, but I prefer the “white on white”…. and that would remove the need to use artificial food coloring…

I want one of these classic, romantic wedding cakes

wedding cakes romantic cake cookbook
romantic weddings wedding cake recipe book

And then… if my future groom approves…

I’d love to place a humorous figurine on top.

Nice, eh?

Romantic Wedding Cakes

What about you? How would you describe the perfect wedding cake? Do you think cake plays an important role in a romantic themed wedding?

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