The Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Aching to ask ‘Will you marry me?’

Read these romantic proposal ideas and you should be able to come up with an original and interesting way to propose to your partner.

Although this information is written as if a man was proposing to a woman, it is perfectly acceptable to trade roles!

Finding the Perfect Romantic Marriage Proposal Idea

proposing with a ringRomantic marriage proposal ideas can consist of pretty much anything you want but you are the only one who knows her well enough to determine what constitutes the perfect romantic proposal idea. Here are a few inexpensive proposal ideas to consider:

    • Does the woman of your dreams like the outdoors? You could go hiking and take a break at a romantic scenic spot while you grab a stick and engrave your question in the sand or soil around you.
    • Is your partner grumpy in the morning? Make her smile and transform her morning into an unforgettable experience:
Spell out ‘Will you marry me’ with Alphabets cereal
  • Hide the ring in a box of chocolates, underneath the center piece.
  • Make your own fortune cookie using this recipe, and insert your proposal.
  • If the love of your life works in an office, write a resume to apply for the job of husband and place it in her briefcase. She will read your resume at work and hopefully give you a call straight away to proclaim her acceptance.
    Note: Waiting to receive that phone call may be very stressful and you should consider dropping by her office with an envelope instead. You would also get to see her reaction… Isn’t this half the pleasure of proposing?
  • If she likes jigsaw puzzles, have one custom-made with a romantic poem followed by ‘Will you marry me?’ Don’t forget to use her name and your name on the puzzle. You can then have it framed and keep it forever.

More Expensive Romantic Proposal Ideas

If you have a fairly large budget or if there is no limit to how much you would spend on your future wife, then you may be interested in using one of these more expensive ways to propose:

  • Hire sky banner services or sky writing services and take her out to a romantic spot for her to see it and read it. Make sure to use her name!
  • If you are both sports fans, you can ask her to marry you on the billboard.
  • Movie buffs? Make your own short video and ask the movie theater to play it before the feature presentation. You may have to ask around before you find a movie theater that will accept your request.
  • Theater fans? Why not hire actors to act out your proposal before the main event starts. Make sure to use her name in the play and ask the actors to turn it over to you at the right moment.
  • Create a large display that says ‘Will you marry me, name?’ and hire a plane to fly over it with her.
  • Of course, the classic fancy dinner scenario where the waiter brings the ring in a glass of champagne or hidden in a dessert is always an option!

Other Romantic Proposal Ideas
& Romantic Ways to Propose

These suggestions are far from being the only romantic proposal ideas on earth. As long as you are thoughtful, a little creative and plan ahead of time to create an unforgettable experience for the both of you, she will most likely remember it as the most romantic moment of her life.

Go ahead, you love her and you know you want to spend the rest of your life with her… Ask her to most important question of all:

You complete me.
I can’t imagine spending another second without you.
You’re the reason why I get up in the morning and the reason why I strive to become a better person.
Will you marry me?

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