Romantic Flowers

What are her favorite flowers?

When cavemen evolved from their primitive lifestyle, they started to use romantic flowers to express feelings.

Most women love flowers although a tiny minority would prefer something more lasting like an exotic orchid, unique bonsai or other romantic plant.

Having freshly cut flowers in a room brightens it up and makes everyone feel happier, so you can’t go wrong by giving flowers to your sweetheart on romantic occasions such as your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and dating or wedding anniversaries.

Most Romantic Flowers: Roses

We’ve all heard a variation of this classic folk poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

But roses are not always red!

With so many colors to choose from, how can you make sure your roses truly represent your feelings?

Here is a summary of what common (and not so common) rose colors mean:

  • White roses: These roses represent purity, spirituality and adoration. They are often used to represent innocence and spiritual love.
  • Yellow roses: Such flowers represent friendship, happiness and respect, so those who have been married for a long time can give a bouquet of yellow roses to symbolize familiar love, affection, love and contentment.
  • Pink roses: This is the right color to give if you want to represent romance and friendship. It’s perfect for the early stage in a relationship where you think your affection could turn into something more passionate but hasn’t reached that stage yet.
red roses are romantic flowers
  • Red roses: Red roses are for love and passion. While they may not be appropriate if you’ve just started dating, red roses are perfect for those in a passionate relationship!
  • Blue roses: These engineered roses represent hope against unattainable love.
  • Orange roses: With their fiery color, these bold roses represent burning desire and attraction.

Other Romantic Flowers

Roses are obviously NOT the only romantic flowers out there. Here are a few popular flowers you can use when the right occasion comes:

  • I miss you: African lily, astilbe, ivy and violets.
  • Passion: Orchids, anthurium and pansies.
  • Young love: Daisies, lilacs, Azaleas and hyacinths.
  • Ever-lasting love: Baby’s breath, lavender, honeysuckle and stephanotis.

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