Romantic Ideas and Gifts

Finding romantic ideas and gifts for your partner should be fun and exciting, although it may require a tiny bit of work on your part. After all, you shouldn’t be coming up with ideas that you like…

You should thinking about gifts and ideas that your partner will like.

Fortunately, spending time with your partner is an excellent way to get to know him/her better and it will make your gift-buying or romance-planning tasks a lot simpler.

Romantic Gifts for Her

Trying to come up with romantic ideas and gifts for your girlfriend or wife? Easy!

Don’t give her something you’d like her to have, but instead give her something she wants. (You may need to re-read the previous sentence a few times to fully understand it.)

For example, imagine her in a lingerie store. What items would she buy for herself?

Sexy, delicate lingerie or novelty items?

Pick what she wants …and you should of course get her the right size! In most cases, it’s OK to peek in her drawers or closet to determine her clothing size and get her something that will fit! But if you don’t live together and don’t have access to her clothes, most sales people will have a pretty good idea of size if you point to another person who appears to be the same size as your partner.

The same rule applies to all romantic ideas, not just gifts! If you want to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend getaway, ask yourself what she would enjoy.

Would she prefer a 5-star hotel or a tent on a remote campground?

Would she prefer breakfast in bed or spending time at an outdoor café?

Women also have a tendency to find "hidden meanings" in gifts. (I know… I’m a woman and I always over think gifts!)

That’s why you should consciously pick romantic ideas and gifts that truly symbolize your love for your partner.

For example, although your partner may want a new dishwasher, it’s not really a romantic gift! But there is always a way to present it more romantically, which will prevent hurt feelings.

For example, instead of giving her the dishwasher, you should first give her an envelope with a beautiful card, in which you wrote something like this:

Dear Julie,
I love you dearly and you mean the world to me.
Although my gift may seem to be a simple appliance, it’s not.
It’s actually a way for us to spend more time together.

Will you please accept this humble kitchen device as an invitation to spend more romantic moments together, away from our daily chores?

Loving you more and more each day,

Romantic Gifts for Him

Fortunately, the same common sense and romantic concepts detailed above for women also work for men.

So, before you purchase a couple of opera tickets for him, ask yourself whether or not he would want to go to the opera if he was given the opportunity.

If so, it’s indeed a romantic gift.

If not, you should come up with another romantic idea based on what he wants and enjoys.

Whether you’re trying to find romantic birthday gifts, romantic Christmas gifts or any other romantic ideas and gifts for your partner, you have to keep one thing in mind:

Romance = Pleasing Your Partner

Other Romantic Ideas and Gifts

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to include romance in your relationship. Here are a few more ideas you may like: