Finding a Romantic Honeymoon Idea

There are so many romantic honeymoon ideas that finding one option that can please both of you is possible. Picking the best honeymoon idea may involve some compromises from both you and your partner, but isn’t it what married life is all about?

Unless your budget is unlimited and your availability a non-issue, you will likely have to forego small things but you’ll gain a lot more in return: the happiness of your life partner and beautiful romantic memories for you to cherish for decades.

It’s important to take time to plan your honeymoon, pick the best time to travel and choose the best honeymoon location. These honeymoon tips should help you make the right decision for your couple.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

When you book your honeymoon, let the hotel know that you’ll be newlyweds on your honeymoon. Many hotels go out of their way to please you in the hope that you’ll come back to their hotel for your wedding anniversaries.

romantic honeymoon suiteYou may also be able to purchase a honeymoon package that can include extras like champagne and strawberries, rose petals on the bed, massages, etc.

Don’t forget that a honeymoon is best spent when your couple has lots of privacy. Your friends and family should understand and allow you to share your first days as a married couple the way you want to. It’s also appropriate for you to ask close friends and family to take care of your pets and children (if you have any) during your honeymoon.

Romantic Honeymoon Idea at a Resort, Hotel, Motel or B&B?

An important decision to make early in the honeymoon planning process is where you want to stay during your honeymoon. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with all types of accommodation but make sure to pick a place that will allow you to spend lots of time alone… together, of course!

  • All-inclusive resorts. Resorts are a great romantic honeymoon idea because they normally offer many services such as sport equipment rental, excursions, pools, access to the ocean, etc. You can sometimes purchase sports lesson at resorts (scuba diving, golf, etc.). Unfortunately, resorts deal with a very large number of guests and you may lack some privacy and/or screaming children may kill the romantic mood.
  • Hotels. Luxury hotels can cater to all your needs and will give you the privacy you want during your honeymoon. You can stay in your room for days and get room service, sip champagne and eat chocolate-covered strawberries. If you want some fresh air, you can dine at the hotel restaurant. If you choose to leave the hotel, the concierge can often recommend activities and restaurants. On the flip side, hotels (and especially luxury hotels) can be expensive.
  • Lodges. Lodges are smaller than hotels but larger than inns. Most are located in beautiful nature surroundings and they could be particularly appealing to couples who enjoy the outdoors. However, the quality of food or services may not be as good as luxurious hotels but they still make a great romantic honeymoon idea.
  • Inns. Inns can offer a very romantic atmosphere with their decors and limited number of guests. Most of them have historic charm and offer quality food but the number of services included with your stay may or may not be sufficient for your needs.
  • Cabins. Many people enjoy the privacy of a small cabin in nature but the quality of accommodations vary greatly. Make sure to thoroughly research your options and inquire about the proximity of nearby cabins. After all, you want some quiet time together and there may be a large group partying in the next cabin.
  • Bed & Breakfast. Some people like the family-style accommodations at a bed & breakfast. You live in close proximity with other guests and can meet really interesting people but you may want more privacy during your honeymoon.
  • Motels. Motels are one of the cheapest ways to celebrate your honeymoon. The quality and cleanliness of accommodations vary greatly so research your options before you book.

Of course, there is always the option of choosing non-traditional romantic honeymoon ideas such as cruises and train vacations.

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