Romantic Travel Ideas

Reignite the passion in your relationship with one of my top five romantic travel ideas. Every relationship has to deal with its fair share of misunderstandings, compromises and challenges. It’s part of life! But you must always balance the negatives with positives. If you feel your relationship could use a little boost in the romance department, why not pack your bags and step away from your problems for a few days?

Taking a romantic trip together can help refuel your energy and allow you to spend some quality time together, away from your daily routine.

International Romantic Travel Destinations

  • 5- Escape to Paris together. Paris is known as the Romance Capital of the World. It is filled with great hotels, restaurants, sidewalk cafés, not to mention many museums and architectural wonders. Despite being a hot spot for tourists, Paris is still one of the most romantic places to visit.
  • 4- Visiting the Highlands in Scotland may also be one of the greatest romantic travel ideas for those who enjoy beautifully rugged scenery. To make the best of your stay, rent a car and drive through the Scottish Highlands. You can also rent a kayak and spend time on one of the Lochs. You can choose to enjoy an active holiday together or sit back and relax while getting pampered at a secluded hotel or inn.
  • 3- Venice, Italy is also a great romantic city with brilliant architecture. A romantic trip to Venice can include riding in their famous gondolas and staying in a beautiful hotel. However, the city’s romantic atmosphere can easily be ruined by tourists… Avoid the peak season, venture away from the most popular tourist sights and explore the quiet and picturesque side of Venice.
  • 2- Amsterdam may also be a good place for romance! This beautiful cultural city is perfect for pedestrians with its gorgeous canals, cobbled streets and tall and colorful gabled houses. Amsterdam is also great for couples who enjoy visiting museums such as the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, Anne Frank House and the Van Gough Museum.
  • 1- If you want to experience a romantic trip and view gorgeous houses built during the medieval times, why not spend time in a picturesque village brimming with flowers and pastel-colored houses? I recommend Lake Garda in Italy, an area you have probably seen in the 007 movie called Quantum of Solace, with the Aston Martin racing scene. Watch this video, it will illustrate how beautiful the largest lake in Italy is, and how romantic it can be for you and your partner!

More Romantic Travel Ideas and Tips

Once you’ve picked your romantic destination, you can still add a few more romantic touches that will truly turn your trip into great memories you will both cherish for years to come.

Arrange with the hotel staff to have her favorite bouquet of flowers, a bucket of ice with a champagne bottle and fresh strawberries to be waiting for you in your hotel room as soon as you arrive. You can also hide little love notes in your partner’s suitcase so he/she will be pleasantly surprised when you unpack at your destination.

If you are looking for cheap romantic getaways, pick your destination based on their off-season rates but don’t forget to factor in the weather! You can also arrange to swap houses with a friend for a weekend, so it feels like you’re going on a holiday, away from home. No friends in the area? Plan your next romantic getaway with B&Bs are great romantic travel ideas for you and your partner.