Cheap Romantic Getaways

Looking for cheap romantic getaways? The following vacation and getaway ideas won’t cost a fortune and should help you plan an exciting and romantic trip with your partner.

After all, romantic vacations together should involve laughing, creating wonderful memories and lots of cuddling time, so it shouldn’t matter where you go as long as you’re together, right?

Take a minute or two to look at your finances and see where you stand and how much you can realistically spend on your romantic escape, then plan ahead and stick to your budget!

Your getaway will be a lot more romantic if you’re not worried about maxing out your credit card!

Local vs. International Romantic Getaways

Who says that traveling across the world is more romantic than staying close to home? When budgets are tight, skipping on expensive airfares can allow you to do more with your money. For example, you could travel by car to a nearby Bed and Breakfast, explore a part of the country by train in a private cabin or even explore local parks (if you’re both active people who enjoy camping). Local hotels often have excellent last-minute deals.

I’m not saying that cheap international romantic getaways don’t exist! They do, but you’ll have to go off-season or possibly select shorter stays. A good place to start your search is with travel companies that compare flight and hotel prices from several airlines and hotel chains such as Keep in mind that off-season may end up being hurricane season, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

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Affordable Romantic Retreats

Once you’ve selected the ideal romantic location for your retreat, you can start thinking about inexpensive romantic activities. Here are some options you may want to consider during cheap romantic getaways:

  • Make time for a luxurious bath together. Pick aphrodisiac fragrances like sandalwood or pick something fun like a Lick Me All Over Bath Bomb.
  • Instead of paying expensive spa fees, give each other a sensual and relaxing massage. If you include physical activities during your getaway, a massage at the end of a busy day will both do you good… and who knows what it will lead to… Make sure to make good use of the “Do not disturb” sign.
  • Depending on how you feel about poetry and expressing feelings, you can either stare in each other’s eyes, compliment your partner about all the things you love about him/her and read poetry to each other or simply have staring contests where the loser (the first one to laugh and/or look away) has to perform whatever romantic, passionate or sensual act would please the winner.

More Cheap Romantic Getaways

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Stay posted and I’ll soon include specific cheap romantic getaways and inexpensive vacation ideas for popular locations in the USA, Canada and more. In the mean time, you can find more romantic inspiration in these articles: