Romantic Getaways

Can you afford to take a weekend, a week or even a few weeks away from home? Romantic getaways are the perfect way to spend time with the one you love in a new and exciting setting. Romantic travel ideas abound, and you’ll be able to find one to suit your budget and availability.

If you want to plan an exciting romantic getaway, try to incorporate elements of surprise. Of course, you can’t expect your partner to simply pack up and go. He/she may need to request time off at work or cancel family plans, but why don’t you take care of that secretly? After you’ve ensured your partner is free for the days or weeks in question, pack up his/her bags and drive to the airport with two tickets to a romantic destination like Hawaii, Paris or Mexico….

I know THAT’s a surprise I’d love to get!

Romantic Cruise
Sailing Away with The One You Love

As long as you and your partner don’t get seasick, going on a romantic cruise can be a fantastic way to explore various countries. Of course, there are the obvious choices like Caribbean cruises but you should also consider Alaskan cruises or other northern cruises in Europe.

Whether you are surrounded by turquoise waters, tropical islands and Caribbean music or majestic fjords, rugged coastlines and whales putting on a show, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to bring a camera to take pictures or videos and create memories you’ll cherish for life.

While I’ve never been fortunate enough to go on a cruise, I’ve spent a fair amount of time on ships. I remember staring out at the sky at night in the middle of the ocean. With no city lights, you can see millions of stars and it’s a wonderful romantic setting. You can lie on deck chairs, hold hands and make wishes if you spot shooting stars.

Make sure to watch the sunset or sunrise over the horizon… It’s so romantic and magical.

Romantic Vacations – Romantic Hotels
Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways can also be spent nearby, at a local B&B or at a romantic hotel.

What’s a romantic hotel? It’s obviously NOT the kind where you can rent a room on an hourly basis. Try to go for more luxurious hotels and you can even book their honeymoon suite (whether or not you’re honeymooners). You may even be able to get a discount if you book it on a Wednesday night or other less popular night.

Beds & Breakfasts are also a great place to reignite love and romance. They are often located in scenic areas and the owners can suggest romantic activities to do in the area. Plan your next romantic getaways with

Here are a few ideas to get you excited about planning romantic getaways with your partner:

  • Take out a map of your area. Draw a circle around your town, choose the radius based on how far you are willing to go (if you don’t like to drive, limit yourself to a 60-mile radius). If you’ve got lots of time on your hands, draw a 200-mile radius. Then, look carefully within that circle and find points of interest that appeal to both you and your partner. If you’re outdoors people, find parks where you’d like to go hiking. If you’re into museums, find a few exhibitions you’d like to see together. If you’re into shopping, find outlet malls, etc.
  • As a variation on the previous suggestion, place the map on a wall. Blindfold your partner, get him/her to turn around about six or seven times, then get him/her to touch the map. Whatever your partner touches is where you’ll go on your next romantic getaway. Of course you can make your own rules, number of vetoes, acceptable distance from chosen point, etc.
  • Do a search on Google for a type of establishment that you’d like to visit. For example: museums, B&B, pottery stores, etc. Once you’ve got the results on the screen, pick one randomly. For example, ask your partner to randomly pick a number, and the number associated with that search result is where you’ll go. You can also play “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and pick accordingly.
  • Go to your local travel agent and let him/her recommend a place for you!
  • Go to a travel agency and pick brochures based on their pictures. Once you get home, go through them and pick something that appeals to both of you.

Romantic Weekends …
… and More Romantic Getaways

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