Romantic Dinner Ideas for Two

romantic lunch ideaRomance fits in all aspects of your life and these romantic dinner ideas will make your lovelife more exciting, more passionate and more delicious!

There are almost no limits to how, when and where you can have a romantic meal but your finances and your tastes (and your partner’s tastes) will be the most important factors.

Before you make up your mind on what to do on your night out (or in), take a few seconds to consider these factors:

  • What is your budget for the meal?
  • If your dinner plans require formal attire, would you and your partner have it readily available?
  • How long can your meal last? Do you have other engagements that will follow (i.e., night at the opera, movie, meeting friends, etc.)?
  • What transportation method are you planning to use and will there be a designated driver? You can hire the services of a limousine driver to make the evening even more romantic.
  • Does your partner have food allergies?
  • Does your partner have a favorite romantic restaurant?
  • Do you have something special to celebrate or it is ‘just cause’?
  • Would lunch or breakfast be more appropriate or more romantic for you and your partner?

While thinking about these questions isn’t very romantic, it’s important to have a clear picture of the types of romantic dinner ideas that are available to you.

Romantic Dinner Ideas to Delight Your Partner

You know your partner well and you love him/her, so finding the perfect romantic idea will be easy. To make it even more romantic, surprise your partner.

Here are a few ideas to get your imagination going:

  • Even if you live together, ring the doorbell and wait for your partner to open the door. At that point, reveal a red rose, a bottle of wine or champagne and take-out dinner for two from your partner’s favorite restaurant.
  • Leave work early and prepare a delicious meal at home, complete with candles, your partner’s favorite music and favorite wine.
  • Take some fancy cutlery, dishes, glasses and a table cloth and have a romantic dinner at your local fast-food restaurant.
  • Be tourists in your own town and have dinner at a tourist attraction. If they don’t have a restaurant, pack a picnic.

Fun and Romantic Dinner Ideas For You and Your Loved One

romantic dinner date idea
Buy a new recipe book and pick one recipe to make together each week. Not only will you spend great quality time together, but you will also experiment with new recipes. Who knows? You may find a new classic that you will both love!

If your partner is sick, be romantic and helpful by serving up a romantic dinner in bed, even if it’s only chicken soup. Make it romantic by placing a flower in a small glass on the food tray and eating with your partner in bed. You can even dream out loud about things you will do what his/her health gets back to normal.

Romantic and Aphrodisiac Recipes

One home-made meal that is considered very romantic, yet easy to make is fondue. You can choose between cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, caramel fondue or other dessert-type fondue or even have it as a full meal with meat and/or vegetables cooked fondue-style in hot oil or broth. For more information and delicious fondue recipes, visit

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