How to Be Romantic With Kids at Home

Learning how to be romantic when children are around you and/or your partner is important if you want to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your partner.

Of course, this could mean that you and your partner have children at home, so you’re trying to juggle it all and make everyone happy.

But dating while being around children is a more and more common situation amongst single parents who are re-entering the dating scene or even single women or men, without children, starting to date a single mom or dad.

If you’ve recently become single again and are considering dating while you still have children at home, keep reading and you’ll be impressed by the story of one of our widowed readers.

How to Be Romantic With Kids at Home

If you and your partner are already living together with children, then the subject of how to be romantic with children at home becomes a matter of creating “adult alone time” while keeping your children happy and cared for. Fortunately, with a little planning and help from friends and family, this can easily be added into your monthly routine.

Here are a few ideas on how to be romantic and create more “alone-time” when you have children at home:

  • Gorgeous day outside? Pack up the kids and be active in the outdoors. Depending on where you live, this could mean playing in the ocean, on the beach, going hiking in the forest, rock climbing, jogging, etc. The idea is to have fun together while kids play and exercise so that they’ll be exhausted by the time you get back home.
    Tired kids = early night for them + more alone time for both of you!
  • You likely have other friends with kids of a similar age. Why not arrange for sleep-overs every few months? One month you have a few extra kids spending the night, but the next month, you have the house to yourselves! You can even take it a step further by dropping off kids at each other’s house for a whole weekend! There are so many romantic activities you could enjoy alone together when you have a full weekend without children! Explore these romantic weekend ideas.

Romantic Life After Kids
For Those Re-Entering the Dating Scene

For those who are ready to re-enter the dating market with kids at home, congratulations! I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

If your friends can introduce you to other single friends, it’s great! Go ahead and mingle!

However, if your network of friends consists of married couples, you may have to look elsewhere for potential new mates.

Fortunately, the Internet allows you to meet millions of singles online. I personally have had quite a bit of success with Internet dating over the years. Sure, I’ve come across people who weren’t my type, but I found that spending time communicating by email or messages with that person prior to setting up that first date eliminated many incompatible matches.

Feeling unsure? Try one online dating site for free: What have you got to lose? You can even try it for free: 3-Day Free Trial!

Make sure to read these romantic date ideas and tips on how to be romantic and enjoy a safe first date.

Feeling overwhelmed? Read this story about a woman who started dating 4 years after her husband’s death. The most interesting part about this woman’s story is how much her sons wanted her to be happy and start seeing their new dad. The 6 and 10-year-olds even got involved in helping her select their new special someone. It’s worth a read if you’ve got children at home and are unsure about whether or not you should start dating again.

Dating Someone With Children

Children and dating sure aren’t the ideal situation, but there are ways to make it easier on you and your kid(s).

For example, it may take you a few dates to realize whether or not there is potential between the two of you. It’s best to leave these dates “child-free”. Find a babysitter or kindly ask a family member to help you out for a couple of hours. Be upfront with your date about the fact that you have children at home. You may save yourself a lot of time and money by quickly eliminating those who don’t want children or don’t want to be around children.

Once you’ve established a connection and both feel like you want to move forward, then it’s time to get the kids involved. If you both have children, you can organize a play date together: the zoo is often a great place to go. If there is only one single parent involved, it’s best to gradually introduce the new person. Once again, a public outing where you “run into” the other is a much better introduction than a kid waking up to see a stranger in the kitchen.

Of course, the age of your children will make a big difference on how you approach things, but it’s best to go slow and ensure your kids are comfortable with what is happening in your romantic life. Learning how to be romantic with your partner while being around children can be a difficult task, but the rewards are well worth it.

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