Perfect Romantic Date Ideas

Modern day romance can be tricky. That’s why I’ve decided to gather these romantic date ideas right here on this website. Whether you’re going on your first date or going on a date with someone you’ve been seeing for a long time, there are always new ideas for a romantic date that will please both you and your date.

Romantic First Date

kissing on a first dateYou may have seen many romantic date ideas in movies and you may be tempted to try them out in the real world. If that’s the case, I congratulate you! But I would also like to remind you that there won’t be a cameraman there to make it look perfect. Also, you should keep in mind that women are reminded of the presence of sexual predators almost every week on the news, so you should take it easy and avoid any romantic gesture that could be seen as over-the-top when you go on romantic dates.

Here are a few safer thoughtful and romantic ideas to try on your first date:

  • If you’re meeting for the first time after meeting on an online dating site, meet in a public place and arrange to meet at a spot that is easy to find. Tell your date how to recognize you. You don’t have to give him/her a detailed run-down on your outfit, but the color of your jacket or your height and the way you wear your hair will probably help greatly. Meeting someone for the first time is already stressful enough, you don’t want to embarrass your date by having him/her talk to every man/woman who meets your description to see if it’s the right person!
  • If you’re meeting for drinks at a coffee house. a restaurant or a pub, be chivalrous and get the door for her.
  • If you’re seeing a movie together, the man should pay (or at least offer to pay) for her ticket and her snacks. The romantic and throughtful date will also offer to carry her drink and snacks into the theater.
  • The same goes for any kind of date. Yes, women are equal to men in many ways, but when it comes to dating, the romantic thing to do is for him to pay.. If she makes ten times more than him, then she should be smart enough to pick up the tab on the next date(s).

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Inexpensive or Cheap Date Ideas

Trying to make your money go further on a date? There are many ideas for a romantic date that don’t require a penny and there are many other ideas that can help you save money. For example, instead of going out to the theater to watch a movie, why not rent a classic and watch it in the comfort of your home?

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that plan for first dates (always meet in public places), but once you are both comfortable with each other, home theater is a great way to watch a movie comfortably while saving money…. Not to mention that you know for a fact that the movie will be good!

Explore the public parks in your town if the weather is nice. It gives you a chance to get to know each other and fresh air is always wonderful for a relationship! Romantic date ideas are always at your fingertips!

If you want to take your date out for dinner but don’t have much of a budget, why not take a small votive candle, borrow some nice cutlery from home and pick up food through a drive-through. Then drive your date to a nearby picnic table and eat your romantic meal together. Depending on your budget, you could even buy a bottle of bubbly grape or apple juice and bring a couple of champagne or wine glasses and enjoy it with your meal. (Most cities prohibit alcohol in parks and around picnic areas.)

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Romantic Date Ideas for Long-Term Couples

Dating isn’t only for singles! Most happy couples keep dating after they move in together or get married. For example, they reserve 1 night per week to go out to watch a movie, eat out or send the kids to a relative. There are many other romantic date ideas that you could use. Think about it and be creative!

It’s never too late to start dating again! Call you partner right now and ask him/her out on a date! You can even re-enact your first date if you feel like it (and if your first date went well…)