Romantic Birthday Ideas

omantic birthday ideas can include giving beautiful flowers

It can be a little difficult to come up with new and romantic birthday ideas if you’ve been together for a long time. But your partner still deserves a little extra love and attention on his/her birthday…

I hope that you can use some of these great romantic birthday gift ideas to make his/her day truly special.

Top Five Romantic Birthday Ideas

While everyone has their own opinion on what constitutes a romantic birthday idea, here are my top 5 romantic ideas for birthdays:

  • 5. Get your partner excited about his/her birthday with a "X Days to Your Birthday" countdown. Start it a week earlier and give him/her a card everyday and do something special for him/her everyday. Build up momemtum by starting with small things like taking care of his/her chores, buying little somethings, all the way to the grand finale on his/her birthday.
  • 4. Buy him/her a dozen flowers but pick 11 identical flowers and 1 different one. For example, buy 11 pink roses and 1 red rose. Include a personal note that says:
I love you
You’re unique
You truly stand out from the bunch
Thank you for being who you are
  • 3. Take your loved one to his/her favorite restaurant and dress up for the occasion. Do something together after dinner: go to a play, a musical, go to a casino, go to the movie theater, etc.
  • 2. Cook a delicious meal (or order in if cooking isn’t your forte). If you have children, arrange to drop them off at a relative for the evening. Enjoy a pre-dinner glass of champagne while nibbling on appetizers. Decorate the dining room with romantic items: red paper napkins, a rose in a vase, candle holders, etc. Feed each other dessert after the meal is over.
  • 1. Take the day off and spend it together. You could even contact your partner’s boss and arrange to have him/her call home to say that the birthday person isn’t needed at work today. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

If you don’t have much of a budget for your partner’s birthday, why not stick to these free birthday gift ideas:

If money is not an issue, why not go away together for a romantic getaway to a Bed and Breakfast? Many hotels and resorts offer special deals on their honeymoon suite if you have something to celebrate. Who says that your lover’s birthday isn’t worth it?

You could also purchase romantic birthday gifts such as a bottle of champagne, jewelry, sexy lingerie, poetry books, etc.

Other Ideas for a Romantic Birthday

Still looking for the perfect romantic birthday idea for the one you love? Here are a few more ideas:

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