Birthday and Holiday Gifts

flowers are one of the classic and most popular romantic birthday and holiday giftsLike most people, you will likely encounter a time when finding the right birthday and holiday gifts will be difficult.

It could be because you’ve only started dating and don’t know your partner very well yet or it could be because your partner already has everything. Finding original gift ideas can be tricky in those situations but it can also be difficult if you’re trying to be original.

I wrote this page with the intend of helping you uncover the perfect romantic gift idea for birthdays and holidays. Feel free to leave your comments or share other romantic birthday and holiday gifts and ideas at the bottom of the page!

Romantic Birthday Ideas

Of course, celebrating your partner’s birthday is a must (although the age being celebrated can remain secret – especially for ladies…) and most people like being surprised on their birthday. But how should you go about it?

Here are a few ideas for unexpected birthday gifts:

  • Make sure to plan something your partner will like (as opposed to plan according to what you would like). Read more about finding the perfect gift idea for your partner.
  • To truly surprise your partner, plan for a “double surprise”. For example, surprise him/her with a romantic dinner out while a good friend of yours is busy preparing the house and letting your guests in for a surprise birthday party upon your return. Make sure to get your guests to park away from your place so they don’t spoil the surprise!
  • You can also surprise your partner by celebrating his/her birthday a week early. There is no way your partner will see it coming!
  • Don’t change anything to your weekly routine but instead, integrate new elements in it. For example, if you normally pick your partner up after work, then do as you normally would, but instead show up with the back seat covered with small gift boxes, balloons and birthday cards (make sure NOT to obstruct your field of vision.)Similarly, you could go to bed and plan to get up as you normally would, but go to the washroom at night and use that time to unveil special small surprises throughout the house to reflect your partner’s birthday: balloons in the shower, birthday message on the mirror, card on the breakfast table, etc. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised when he/she gets up in the morning!
  • Considering giving traditional birthday gifts or go for something totally out of the blue like retro candy gift boxes from the decade when your partner was a kid or plan a treasure hunt within your entire house and hide small gag and real gifts in every room.

Romantic Holidays

Birthday and holiday gifts can fall in various categories: funny, sexy, romantic, timeless, practical, homemade, custom-made, frivolous, cheap, expensive and everything in between.

To keep your relationship fresh and exciting, you should try to change the type of gifts you give regularly. Feel free to give gifts for no reason or give the gift of time and attention for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. For example, email your partner will a quick note saying that your gift this year will be a 2-hour massage, followed by a warm bath for him/her during which you’ll be busy cleaning the house. While it’s not a traditional gift idea, I personally think it’s one of the best birthday and holiday gifts ever!

If you’re looking for romantic Christmas gifts this year, here are a few Christmas presents that could please him and an original way to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.

Other Birthday and Holiday Gifts and Ideas

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