Expressing Romantic Thoughts

Is your heart filled with romantic thoughts? Do you have trouble expressing these emotions of love and tenderness to your partner?

Don’t worry… The answer is right here.

Sure, you could write a love letter but this task may seem too daunting at first.

Here are other romantic ways to express your love:

  • Fill an entire sheet of paper with ‘X’s, ‘O’s and hearts.
  • Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers on your way back home.
  • Send a quick e-mail message that says:
"I miss you,
I love you
and I couldn’t wait until tonight to tell you."
  • Make your own version of a "mixed tape": upload new love songs to your partner’s iPod.
  • Send your partner a greeting card (or an e-card) that already contains the right words for you to use. Simply add "Love," and your name.

Carve Out Love Stories From Everyday Moments

Romantic ideas are not reserved for special occasions (although they are very often expected on these special anniversaries and other occasions…)

Every moment of your day can be made more romantic with romantic thoughts, from the time you get up until the moment you shut your eyes at night.

Here are some romantic thoughts to try. You don’t have to use them all up in the same day! Spread your romantic thoughts around and keep your partner excited:

  • Wake your partner up with a kiss! (To make it more enjoyable, sneak out of bed to brush your teeth or keep a stash of breath mints or gum in your nightstand.)
  • Surprise your partner by bringing him/her breakfast in bed.
  • Take the time to prepare your partner’s cup of coffee or tea for the road. Write "Love you, Have a Great Day" or "Good luck with your presentation, I’m sure you’ll dazzle them" on a post-it and carry it to the car. Wish your partner a great day at work and kiss him/her goodbye.
  • If your partner can accept calls at work, give him/her a quick ring just to say "I love you."
  • Prepare your partner’s favorite dish (or order it in if you’re not great in the kitchen).
  • If you have children, share the story of how you met and fell in love. Repeating the story aloud will bring back great memories and show your partner that you still cherish these memories
  • Have "pillow talk" before instead of after and ask your partner what he/she would like you to do tonight. The answer may be surprising.
  • Give each other a neck or back massage, especially if your partner’s day was hard.
  • Tell your partner how you really feel or try these four short sentences:
    I love you.

    I’m so grateful to have found you.
    You’ve made my life extraordinary.

    Thank you.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it should give you some ideas on how to spruce up your love life with romantic thoughts.

  • Writing Romantic Love Letters
  • Are you ready to write a love letter? The key ingredient in the preparation of your letter is love.

    Close your eyes and concentrate on how your partner makes you feel and why you are so grateful to be with your special someone.

    When you see your partner, do some physical reactions occur? Does your heart beat faster? Do you really like the way he/she smiles? Do you like the smell of your partner? The touch of his/her skin?

    Write down positive emotions. The structure itself isn’t important but here is a simple and very short love letter to guide you.

    Start by writing your partner’s name or nickname.

    Dear Cathy,
    Spending time with you puts a smile on my face, no matter how hard my day has been. Thanks to you, everyday is filled with joy and happiness. You know how to comfort me and you understand me, even when I can’t seem to understand myself.
    You have been there for me for over 3 years and I can still remember the first time I saw your smile.
    I love you and I want to keep growing old with you forever,


    To see more love letters, visit this page on famous love poems by William Shakespeare.

    Romantic Poetry and Love Poems

    Romantic and thoughtful poems or shorter love poems are another great way to convey your love to your partner.

    You don’t have to stick to the rules you learned in school. Try to use rhymes but most importantly, be honest and loving… That’s what romantic thoughts are all about.

    If you can, try to throw in a little humor to make your partner smile.

    Being with you has made me a better man
    You make me feel like a flying PeterPan
    Our love is strong, our love is powerful
    And I’m here to stay, that’s no bull

    I’m not a love poet, but you get the idea, right?

    Read great romantic text messages.

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