Romantic Night Ideas

These romantic night ideas are filled with tips on how to plan a night to make it more romantic for both you and your partner. Are you ready to reignite the passion in your relationship?

  • Add a little thrill with romantic coupons
  • Play romantic games with your lover…
  • You too can turn an ordinary evening into a romantic evening when you have new and interesting ideas.

Every relationship reaches a point where things get a little stale or boring but you don’t have to sit there and let it happen! Take charge of your relationship, be adventurous and have fun!

Romantic Night Ideas for Couples

Here are my top five ideas for romantic evenings:

  • 5- Kidnap your partner. Use a silky eye mask, put him/her in the car and drive to a romantic (but secret) location. It could be a quiet restaurant, a nearby motel or even the place where you first met.
  • 4- Enlist the help of a few friends and family members to help you pull this one. Arrange for your friends to bring your partner’s favorite food and wait outside, (out of sight) while you take your partner out for a quick errand. Didn’t you need to buy more milk? While you are out, your friends can set up a romantic atmosphere in the dining room with some flameless candles, pour some wine and get the food out. Arrange for your friends to call you on your cell when they are done, and find a reason to head back home straight away.
  • 3-Turn a regular board games into romantic games for lovers or sex games. Snakes and Ladders could become “Strip Snakes and Dare Ladders”. Play Twister in your underwear and see what happens… Assign a specific sexual act to each color on your CandyLand board and let luck determine the course of the evening…
  • 2- Give each other a set of romantic coupons and redeem them when the desire strikes! Your partner can’t say no!
  • 1- Share your sexual fantasies and act them out! Sprinkle some “foreplay” throughout the day. Call your partner at work and get him/her excited about what’s to come. Share your romantic ideas for couples. Leave a note in his/her briefcase. Send a text message that leaves a lot to the imagination, etc.

Of course, there are plenty of games that do not require any equipment! Why not discuss your personal fantasies with your partner and try to act them out? You may find that discussing these fantasies will improve your relationship.

Other Romantic Evening Ideas

These romantic night ideas applicable for all who have their lover and most especially to the couple. Even if you are already satisfied with your romantic relationship, nothing compares to the thrill and excitement these simple romantic ideas can create.

Put an end to boring evenings and say hello to romantic evenings!

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