Eloping as a Romantic Honeymoon Option?

Is Eloping One of the Best Romantic Honeymoon Ideas for You?

romantic honeymoon eloping in Vegas

You and your soon-to-be husband or wife may have spent long hours considering romantic honeymoon ideas.

You may have dreamed about the perfect romantic honeymoon

You may have thought about doing something totally different from your friends and family and considered some non-traditional honeymoon ideas

Sometimes the excitement of getting married quickly and discreetly wins. If you’re about to elope, here are some tips and ideas you should read.

Ideas for Honeymoon if you Elope

Eloping is by definition a sudden marriage away from your friends and family. While it’s often a last-minute thought, you should know that there is some preparation required if you want your marriage to be recognized in your own country. For example, you will need to find marriage officiants and get your marriage license. You may have to go through lots of red tape and there may be residency requirements involved.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for those who want to elope, but there are many other ones to consider. Vegas offers various thematic ceremonies with Elvis, in drive-throughs, in little chapels, in a large palace, and pretty much everything you have in mind.

While you’re getting married, you may as well extend your trip and have a romantic honeymoon away from everyone. Why not consider romantic honeymoon ideas such as eloping in a castle in Scotland, tying the knot near ruins in Greece or getting married onboard a ship… The possibilities are endless.

Experience the Thrill and Excitement of a Sudden Romantic Honeymoon

While getting married traditionally can result in a perfectly choreographed ceremony and reception, eloping offers the thrill of an adventure where anything could happen. It could also be one way to significantly reduce the expenses associated with getting married and going on your honeymoon. Eloping and having a romantic honeymoon could cost you around $5,000 while getting married the traditional way could cost you well above $20,000. Of course, your friends and family would miss out on your big day, and that could be a priceless moment you won’t want to go without.

Read more information on how to stretch your dollars before and during your honeymoon.

Eloping can be a great thrill and many destinations now offer opportunities for you to elope and have a romantic honeymoon but is it one of the best romantic honeymoon ideas for you?

That’s your call.

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