Picture Perfect Honeymoon

…How to Plan for It and Enjoy It!

If you want to have a picture perfect honeymoon, a great option is going to an ‘All-Inclusive Resort’ that catters to adults only. The best feature of all-inclusive resorts is not having to carry your wallet or purse with you all day. And of course, you don’t have to worry about getting your wallet or purse stolen while you’re swimming in the ocean!

It’s easy to sit back and relax when everything is taken care of for your picture perfect romantic honeymoon but let’s start by defining what is and isn’t included in an all-inclusive resort.

All-Inclusive Resorts
Picture Perfect Honeymoon Ideas

romantic walk on a beach during your honeymoonBefore you book your all-inclusive trip for your picture perfect honeymoon, you must confirm with the hotel website and/or talk to your travel agent to determine exactly what is and isn’t included in the vacation package you purchased. For example:

  • Many travel agencies offer a package deal that includes your flight, hotel and food, but you need to get a detailed description of what you are paying for.
  • Food from the buffet is likely included but food from the ‘a-la-carte’ restaurants may not be or you may have a limited number of meals included at certain restaurants.
  • Most all-inclusive resorts don’t include sports and activities. Make sure to get a complete list of activities that will and won’t be included with your package deal. For example, renting a windsurf board or getting a massage at the spa may not be included.
  • Find out if you have access to the facilities at nearby resorts and how often you’re permitted to use those facilities.
  • Inquire whether or not the shuttle ride to the hotel is included as well as if you are expected to tip the driver.

A Romantic Honeymoon with
Excursions to Nearby Villages

The all-inclusive resorts often offer picture perfect honeymoon excursions to nearby tourist attractions, scuba diving spots or to villages and towns located near the resort. Depending on the resort, these extra-curricular activites may or may not be included in the package you get from your travel agent but they could create great memories. Make sure to take your cameras and take lots of pictures. After all, you want to bring back souvenirs from your romantic honeymoon, don’t you?

Make sure you get the most for your money when you book your honeymoon.

A Picture-Perfect Honeymoon is So Romantic

The best honeymoon will appeal to all of your senses and all-inclusive resorts make it really easy for you to experience an unforgettable honeymoon.

  • Taste: Make sure to experience the local food even if you’re staying at the resort. Most resorts offer a selection of food or change the theme of your dinner meal on a regular basis. Don’t forget to bite into the delicious fresh fruit offered at the resort, and if you drink alcohol, try the local flavors (in moderation, of course)!
  • Sight: Enjoy the beautiful view that surrounds the resort. Take a scroll along the beach, walk through the beautiful gardens, and enjoy the sunset and sunrise on the beach.
  • Smell: Take the time to smell the beautiful exotic flowers that grow around the resort and enjoy the aroma of your food before biting into it.
  • Sound: Lay comfortably on your beach chair and close your eyes for a moment. Enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and the birds hiding in the trees.
  • Touch: Enjoy the feel of the sand between your toes, the coolness of the water against your warm skin, and of course, the touch of your new husband or wife!

If you decide that an all-inclusive resort isn’t the ideal honeymoon for you, you have other options. You can elope away from everyone or you can choose to have a romantic yet untraditional honeymoon.

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