Ideas for Honeymoon

Save Money & Have a Fun on a Romantic Honeymoon

ideas for honeymoon: romance by the oceanAre you looking for some great ideas for honeymoon that will allow you to stretch your dollars? You should find some useful tip for your perfect romantic honeymoon right here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to elope or go for honeymoon ideas that aren’t traditional, there’s always a way to save a few pennies while maintaining the level of romance and excitement your honeymoon deserves!

Ideas for Honeymoon – Planning Your Romantic Honeymoon

Even if you are planning to take a picture-perfect honeymoon at an all-inclusive resort, there is always a way to save a bit more money. Consider these ideas from honeymoon and general pointers before finalizing your travel arrangements:

  • Will you still enjoy your honeymoon if you come back a day or two early? You may be able to book cheaper flights if you fly on a weekday and you would also save on the cost of accommodations if you shorten your honeymoon. Make sure to talk to your travel agent about your options.
  • If you’re not going too far from home, would driving or taking the train be cheaper than flying?
  • How would you feel about having a romantic honeymoon in your own country? Perhaps you have always wanted to visit Niagara falls or California… Why not do it on your honeymoon? This tip will save you a lot of money if your currency isn’t very strong.
  • Don’t take the first deal that looks good. Shop around online or use a travel agent if you don’t have enough time to do it. With the high competition out there, it’s easy to find a cheaper deal that sometimes include even more for your money!
  • Would traveling during the off-season be appealing to you? The rates are normally lower and resorts are not so crowded. However, you should look at the local weather conditions and try to avoid hurricanes and other weather related problems that could ruin your perfect ideas for honeymoon.
  • Have a look at the many travel auction sites. You may be able to win an inexpensive honeymoon vacation.
  • If you can resist gambling, staying at a casino may be one of the best ways to save on hotel costs. Most casinos have inexpensive rooms and offer good value restaurants because they make their profits from their in-house casino.
  • If you’re feeling lucky, you could even enter contests that offer free trips. However, be careful about divulging too much personal information and expect to receive a lot of junk mail after registering for contests.
  • Don’t forget to ask your travel agent or telephone operator if the deal you have chosen is the best deal they can offer. There is no shame in asking and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Other Great Ideas for Honeymoon

A more and more popular option for newlyweds is to register with a Honeymoon Bridal Registry Service. By doing so, your guests can pay for some of the activities you would like to do on your honeymoon. For example, here are a few ideas for honeymoon that can save you money: You may be able to register for a bottle of champagne served with fresh strawberries, a excursion for two at a nearby village, a scuba diving afternoon, fresh flowers in your room every day, spa treatments, an extra night at the hotel, etc. However, you should read the fine print and determine if the service fees associated with the registry outweigh the advantages of using a particular registry service. You should also be ready to spend money if you only receive an excursion for one person, so you’ll have to purchase the second person’s excursion fee.

You could ask for suggestions from friends and family who travel. You may be able to borrow a friend’s travel guide, borrow a copy from the local library or do your research online.

You may be interested in staying in a nice room with a kitchenette. That way, you get to cook with the fresh, locally purchased ingredients and you can save money too!

Money-Saving Ideas for a Romantic Honeymoon Cruise

Planning to go on a romantic cruise for a honeymoon or planning to sail for a week-long romantic getaway?

Here are a few ideas that could save you money when planning or booking cruises, whether you do it online or via a travel agent.

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