Best Honeymoon Ideas

for Those Who Think Outside the Box

travel by train on your honeymoonThese best honeymoon ideas will surely get your dreams going. After all, romantic honeymoons can occur in picture-perfect all inclusive resorts or you could elope and have an impromptu honeymoon but romantic hoenymoons can also happen in many other locations.

Romantic honeymoon ideas can include scenic mountains and cliffs, exploring new territories, cycling through vineyards and much more… Discuss your passions with your soon-to-be husband or wife and you may be surprised to discover what would truly make your honeymoon romantic and memorable.

Best Honeymoon Ideas: Europe by Train

Think about it…The train allows you to spend some quiet time in a comfortable environment while you can look outside and be mesmerized by the ocean, mountains, fields, vineyards, castles and everything else that Europe has to offer.

Europe offers a more relaxed lifestyle, people who take the time to enjoy food and wine, different languages, the excitement of discovering a new part of the world…You can limit your honeymoon to one country or spend more time and visit half a dozen.

  • If you choose Switzerland, you could start the day in the snow-capped mountains and finish it off on a beach.
  • If France is a more romantic setting for you, you could take a stroll through the old streets of Paris and stop by little cafes (when you decide to leave your hotel room…)
  • If you prefer to stick to English-speaking countries, you can have a terrific time in the Irish countryside, in Scottland, in England, in Wales…


Romantic Honeymoon Idea With Sports

If you and your partner are active people, you could really enjoy a romantic honeymoon in California. You could rent bikes, explore the countryside and stop by various wineries on the way. Some of the best honeymoon ideas come from those who think outside the box!

If you both enjoy golf, you can combine your passion for golf with your honeymoon. You’ll have to come out for fresh air every now and then, right? Why not improve your swing and get some fresh air on a lovely golf course.

If you prefer watersports, you may enjoy a trip to Australia. You can surf, scuba dive, windsurf and enjoy even more watersports in a beautiful country.

If you like winter sports, escape to the mountain and enjoy your favorite alpine activities: alpine skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, etc.

And if you really enjoy “roughing it,” you may even be interested in going camping during your honeymoon… While you could enjoy sleeping under the stars and spending time secluding in nature, mosquito bites, snakes, bears, rain and other factors may prompt you to rethink your decision.

Best Honeymoon Ideas: A Romantic Honeymoon at Sea

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Pack your bags and travel on a cruise ship. You can combine your wedding and honeymoon by having a destination wedding at one of the ports for your cruise. Your friends and family can enjoy a holiday of their own at the resort where you have the reception and you can carry on with your honeymoon away from your family and friends onboard the cruise ship.

If you are experienced sailors, rent a sailboat and explore the Caribbean islands or the Eastern shore of the United States.

If you are on a tight budget, make sure to review these tips on how to save money when booking your honeymoon or how to get a last-minute cruise deal. You may also be interested in reading more about finding the perfect romantic honeymoon idea for you and your partner.

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