Planning a Romantic Honeymoon

A romantic honeymoon is often a celebration of your first days as husband and wife. If you just got married, congratulations!

The picture-perfect honeymoon can be yours if you plan ahead of time. Of course, for best results, you and your partner should consider several ideas for honeymoons filled with romance before choosing one.

Selecting the Best Honeymoon Ideas

Romance and honeymoons are perfect for each other and romantic honeymoons can occur in almost any setting. To ensure both you and your partner cherish the precious time you’ll spend together during your trip, you should consider these factors:

  • relaxing on a beach during your honeymoonHow much money do you want to spend on your honeymoon? Make sure to include costs associated with travel, lodging, food, drinks, souvenirs, activities, spending money, etc. It may be worth it to choose an all-inclusive resort. Also, you may be able to include some of these expenses on your wedding registry and ask your guests to help you pay for your perfect honeymoon.
  • You should inquire about all required vaccination and the time it takes for it to take effect. The last thing you want to do on your honeymoon is spend all your time in a hospital.
  • How long will the honeymoon last and can you go away right after your wedding or will you have to postpone your trip for a few weeks?
  • What type of weather would be best? Do you both like tropical weather or would you be interested in spending time on snowy mountains? Make sure to check the typical temperatures for the country you are planning to visit. It would be really disappointing to visit a tropical destination during the hurricane season and be forced to evacuate the island after one day… Same goes with snowy destinations: while crowds are smaller in summer months, the snow may be gone…
  • Would you prefer an urban environment or a quiet bed and breakfast or small resort?

A Few More Ideas for Honeymoon

If your wedding plans aren’t finalized, do you want to have the wedding and honeymoon in the same location? This practice is often called a ‘destination wedding’. If you do, make sure to inform your friends and family that you would prefer if they started their holidays before the wedding so that you are the only ones left at the resort after your wedding. A honeymoon is a lot more romantic when there is just the two of you….

For a unique romantic idea there is nothing more alluring than a stay in a sexy over water bungalow at one of the glamorous Bora Bora Resorts. Here you can enjoy the seclusion of the pristine white sand beaches and blue lagoons of this South Pacific paradise.

Other Ideas for a Romantic Honeymoon

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