Romantic Weekend Ideas

One of the best romantic weekend ideas is to spend quality time together on a weekend getaway. Pick a recreational activity that you both enjoy and relax together for the rest of the weekend. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and avoid all worries, family, life and work distractions.

go away together on a romantic getawayWhen planning your romantic weekend, don’t worry about picking an expensive idea! Love doesn’t need money and there are many inexpensive ways to enjoy a romantic weekend together.

For example, if you both love outdoor adventures, go mountain climbing and express your feelings while you both enjoy the gorgeous view from the top of the mountain.

This is just one example of many affordable romantic weekend getaways and the romantic weekend ideas listed below will certainly help you come up with your very own romantic yet affordable weekend plans.

Did you know that weekends represent almost 29% of your week? Make the most of each weekend and turn these 48 hours into passionate and romantic moments!

Ideas for a Romantic Weekend

  • 5- Unplug the phones, turn off your smart phone, disconnect the Internet, turn off the television, don’t open the door and enjoy every minute together.
  • 4- Take Tuesday and Wednesday off and create your own “weekend” plans when the rest of the world is busy working. You’ll notice how different and how quiet most places are! Go skiing, head to the beach or do an activity that you both love. You can even go shopping at the mall together!

  • 3-If you have children, ask a friend or relative to look after them and enjoy the weekend alone, just the two of you. Have fun, stay up late and have some one-on-one adult time.
  • 2- Plan a secret weekend getaway at a nearby Bed & Breakfast or at a spa and resort. Pack your partner’s bag ahead of time and go pick him/her up from work on Friday and drive there directly! What a surprise!

Plan Your Next Romantic Getaway


  • 1- Talk to your partner’s boss and arrange for a surprise 3-day weekend. It will involve a lot of planning and secrecy but it will be worth it when you announce to the love of your life that she/he doesn’t have to go to work and she/he gets Friday or Monday off!

Other Romantic Activity Ideas

Well, these were just a few romantic weekend ideas. I’m sure you too can come up with many other great ideas for romantic weekend activities!

Just remember one thing: be creative and your actions should express how important your partner is to you. By spending quality time together you can express your true love from the bottom of your heart and expressing your love is the most romantic idea of all.

Get to know your partner more and more, and you too will be able to formulate your own romantic weekend plans that will truly please your partner.

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