Romantic Halloween Ideas

These romantic Halloween ideas can turn a regular night into an exciting evening filled with fun, tricks and intimacy.

Don’t let Halloween’s scary side deter you from enjoying a romantic evening with your partner!

Romantic Trick-or-Treating at Home

Want to stay home?


Take your time picking the perfect pumpkin, then carve it together. Decorate the house and prepare treat bags together. Make sure to take pictures of your progress along with the final Jack-o’-lantern.

Everyone has their favorite candy from when they were a kid. Try to find out which one(s) were your partner’s favorites and pick a special surprise treat for him/her!

If you plan ahead, you may even be able to order hard-to-find candy, such as this Candy Crate 1970’s Retro Candy Gift Box.

If you both enjoy horror movies, rent or download one and watch it together. Being scared can certainly bring two people closer together!

Romantic Halloween Wine & Cheese

great wine ideas for halloween

Take a romantic activity, add a scary touch to it, then it becomes a romantic Halloween idea.

How about buying a nice bottle of wine, then covering its label with one of these Halloween Wine Bottle Stickers.

Feeling brave for Halloween this year?

How about enjoying a picnic in a cemetery?

Romantic Halloween Costumes

Romantic Halloween ideas are simply regular Halloween ideas with your partner in mind. For example, when picking your costumes this year, think about what your partner would like.

If you’re having a private romantic evening between the two of you, you may want to pick something racy, sexy or that would otherwise appeal to your partner’s fantasies.

Perhaps a sexy devil?

If you’re going to a party with other people, you can buy or rent matching outfits like these:

  • Superman and Wonder Woman
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus
  • Cowboy and cowgirl
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Nurse and doctor

Romantic Halloween Gifts

Do you want to give your partner a romantic Halloween gift this year? Try one of these ideas:

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