Ideas for Romantic Holidays

hanging Christmas stockings can be one of many ideas for romantic holidays

These ideas for romantic holidays are perfect for those looking to turn boring winter days into exciting and romantic events. There are many romantic things you can do during the winter, especially around the holidays. Don’t let the white stuff scare you away; love and romance can rule even the coldest day!

The ideas mentioned in this article are aimed at those living in northern climates, where snow and cold weather are integral parts of the holidays. If you happen to live somewhere warm during the winter holidays, go outside and enjoy the warm weather! I’m certainly jealous… 😉

How to Spend a Romantic Winter

romantic candlesticks

Sure, the weather may be cold outside, but you can turn your home into a warm and inviting place where romance can blossom with these ideas for romantic holidays. Save on your energy bill while creating a romantic atmosphere by enjoying a candlelit dinner at home. Of course, be careful and avoid placing your candles near flammable material. You can cook your partner’s favorite meal and relax together after dinner.

Not sure what to cook? I recommend beef broth fondue, it’s my favorite meal and fondue is a romantic meal in itself!

It’s perfectly acceptable to stay in together when the weather is nasty outside. Pick a romantic comedy, make a batch of popcorn and cuddle up together in front of the television. You can also play romantic board games or start a home renovation project together. Any project can be turned into a romantic activity when you approach it the right way. Make sure to include lots of play time so it’s not all about work!

Ideas for a Romantic Getaway

If you live near mountains or hills, go to a nearby resort and go alpine skiing or snowboarding. If you live in a flat area, rent cross-country skis or snowshoes and go for a little excursion together.

If you don’t know how to ski, take lessons together. It’s a great way to create great memories for years to come. Make sure to dress warmly, using layers and carry all required safety equipment.

For those who don’t enjoy physical activity, you still have the idea to hang out around a fireplace in the resort’s main chalet or even a local pub.

As you can see, ideas for romantic holidays are numerous… you simply have to look at what you both enjoy and make a fun day out of it!

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Romantic Ideas for Christmas

Here are a few more ideas for romantic holidays. Have fun with gift-giving this year and create a romantic twelve-days-of-Christmas gift routine. You can also create your very own gifts with these romantic homemade gift ideas.

If you celebrate Christmas, pick a day and go tree shopping together. Once you get the tree home, head back to the store and hand-pick tree ornaments together. If you live near a Christmas fair, go visit the exhibit. You’ll be amazed at the quality of work produced by local artisans. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, turn your annual winter celebration into a romantic event by spending time together and doing activities that will improve your relationship.

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